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Loss Control - DVD Safety Program

In order to provide extra loss control service to our policyholders, we are offering a DVD safety program. If you are interested in receiving a DVD, please contact our Customer Service Team (phone # listed on the right). The following DVDs are presently available to our policyholders:

ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION – Reviews the objectives of accident investigations, fact-finding not fault-finding. Goes through the steps of completing an accident investigation. (8:00) (English)

BACKING UP – Safely backing up large trucks, trailers and other vehicles can be a challenging task requiring more than a little skill. Mishaps can be prevented if some simple precautions and guidelines are followed. Key Training Points: Check your path, avoid distractions, tips to use when using guides. (5:00) (English)

CHAIN SAW SAFETY – Basic training video on hazards associated with chain saw operations. Reviews the proper selection of protective equipment and chain saw. (16:00) (English)

CONSTRUCTION-JOB SITE SAFETY – Reviews large construction jobs covering information related to all sizes of jobs. Areas covered: Site surveys, personal protective equipment, use of hand tools, fall protection, excavation work, housekeeping and job site security. (21:00) (English)


DRIVING PRE-TRIP INSPECTION – Reviews how to complete a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle. A complete review of what to look for when you do a pre-trip inspection. (12:00) (English)


EYE INJURIES - Eye protection/review of graphic injuries. (5:00) (English & Spanish)


FIRE EXTINGUISHER SAFETY - Fire extinguisher use and classes. (5:00) (English)

FIRST STEP TO DANGER - Trip/fall hazards, including ladders. (5:00) (English)

THE FORKLIFT AND YOU – Reviews basic forklift operations, pre-operation checklist and conditions and operations specific to the retail lumber yard. Each section is subdivided so that the video can be stopped for discussions between the trainer and trainee. This video will assist you in developing your forklift training program to comply with OSHA’s new forklift safety rules. (45:00) (English & Spanish)


FORKLIFT SAFETY OSHA RULES – Reviews basic operating rules: speeding, riders, transporting loads, dock plates/wheel chocks and parking safety. (7:00) (Spanish)


HANDLING THE HEAT - Review of symptoms and emergency treatment for heat stress/exhaustion. (5:00) (English)

HEAT ILLNESS - Overexposure to high temperatures and humidity can quickly lead to heat-related illness. Early recognition and proper treatment are necessary to help prevent a medical emergency. (5:00) (English)


KNIVES & BOXCUTTERS – Knives disable more people than any other hand tool. Learn how to sharpen your skills safely when using knives and box cutters. (5:00) (English)

LADDER SAFETY (5:00) (English)


RADIAL ARM SAW – Reviews correct operating procedures for a radial arm saw. Discusses the setting up of the saw, selecting the proper blade, adjusting the guard, and utilizing the proper protective equipment and positioning when making a cut. (5:00) (English)


RETAIL LUMBER YARD SAFETY - Training the new employee in safety on their first day at a building material dealer. (15:00) (English)

SAFETY HAZARDS – People create workplace hazards including employees doing unsafe acts or not wearing proper personal protective equipment. This video reviews what to do to reduce the hazards that are encountered on the job. (5:00) (English)


SELF-HELP FOR BACK PAIN (5:00) (English)


SLIPPIN & TRIPPIN - Review of falls and various situations encountered. Encourages good housekeeping. (5:00) (English & Spanish)

SPEEDING (Trucks) (5:00) (English)

STRAIGHT TRUCKS & VANS (Driving Techniques) – This is a 2-part video that can be utilized for two separate meetings or combined for one driver training meeting. The first section is a 20-minute presentation containing a general overview of a wide range of driving techniques needed to operate a straight truck or van. Areas covered include pre-trip inspections, basic vehicle controls, turning, backing, parking, scanning, hazard identification, braking, space management, accident avoidance, accident procedures and the driver’s image and how it reflects on the company’s image.

The second part of the video is a 5-minute presentation on extreme weather driving conditions. This section contains information on the pre-trip inspection covering items that directly relate to extreme weather driving, and specific driving conditions that your driver could encounter, i.e. snow, fog, black ice, etc. (25:00) (English)

STRAIGHT TRUCK & VANS (Vehicle Inspection) – This program covers the essentials of a thorough vehicle inspection using humor to hold your driver’s attention while providing information that they will need to know. 9-points/steps to an exterior vehicle inspection as well as interior cab inspections are covered. (8:00) (English)

TABLE SAW SAFETY – Key Training Points: environment, personal protective equipment, accessories, know your saw, and maintenance. (5:00) (English)

TAG, YOU’RE IT – Lockout/tagout procedures. (5:00) (English)

TRUCK TALK (English)

UP IN SMOKE - Proper flammable liquid usage and storage precautions - storage cabinets, proper discarding of soiled rags. (5:00) (English)

VEHICLE BACKING - Basic overview of safety techniques for backing up straight trucks, box vans, and private passenger vehicles. (15:39) (English)

WELDING SAFETY – Overview of standard welding operations. Reviews inspecting equipment, protecting employees and fire protection. (13:30) (English)

WHAT IS CARELESSNESS? – All too often accidents are classified as carelessness. This video tries to redefine how accidents are classified. Looks for the cause of the accident not to just blame it on employee carelessness. (4:00) (English)

WHERE ARE YOUR HANDS? - Hand safety and exposures to injury. (5:00) (English)


WORKER'S ENEMY #1 - Back injuries/redesigning the operation for the employee. (5:00) (English & Spanish)


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